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The following lines will talk about the mouth ulcers whichare lesions sized from small to medium, that go away on their own after awhile, and thus they need no treatment. Usually the period of two weeks is needed forthem to disappear. But the condition called aphthous stomatitis is a frequentappearance of the canker sores, which is another name used for the mouthulcers. This condition cannot be transferred to other people, but it can inflicta significant amount of pain. It can make talking, eating and other daily activatesvery problematic. There are certain factors that contribute to the creation ofcanker sores and we will see which they are, along with the possible treatmentoptions that will speed up the process of elimination.


There are many possible causes of the canker sore and some of them are trauma,hormonal changes, stress, anemia and the use of some medications. To this list wecan also add dietary causes, smoking, immunodeficiency and viral infections.Other possible causes of mouth ulcers are deficiency of vitamins B12 or C,Crohn's disease, hormonal changes, mouth, foot or hand disease and bacterialinfections.


The time needed for the canker sores to go away is approximately two weeks, butthis process can be made a bit faster and we will see how. You can take 5-6 basilleaves and chew them two times a day along with the water, and this willeliminate the bad breath and help with the mouth ulcers. You can also put some peppermintoil on the mouth ulcer directly and it will reduce the pain. Take one teaspoon ofIndian Gooseberry and one teaspoon of honey and make a paste out of theseingredients. This paste needs to be applied twice during the day. You can makea good remedy with a cup of water and one tablespoon of coriander seeds. Heatit, and when the solution becomes warm, gargle it three or four times a day.

A paste made from the pinch of turmeric and one tablespoon of glycerin can beapplied on the canker sore and this will help with the healing period. Gargletomato or eat it three or four times a day, or you can use coconut milk tomassage the affected area. A remedy can also be made with the small quantity of sodabicarbonate and water. This remedy should be used to rinse the mouth two timesa day. You can also gargle chilled and then hot waterfor several times and this provides good help with the mouth ulcers. These are some of the known and effective remedies for the canker sores, but youshould see a doctor if the problem persists for a longer period of time.The doctor will prescribe antibacterial mouthwash, corticosteroids for theswelling and painkillers for the pain. Also, paste and gel treatments providegood treatment as well.

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