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We have discussed the changes a woman's breasts when she gets pregnant before sore and tender breasts are a common first trimester pregnancy symptom. But one slightly unusual symptom, that might worry you if you are not aware what it is, is Montgomery's Tubercules. Montgomery's Tubercules are raised spots on the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple. They are caused by glands in the breast tissue called Montgomery hence the name Montgomery's Tubercules. These glands naturally swell up during pregnancy, and therefore Montgomery's Tubercules belong on the list of pregnancy symptoms. The raised bumps can vary in size and number per woman, and even per breast.

Not every pregnant woman develops Montgomery's Tubercules, and even women who are not expecting a baby can get them. Because the underlying glands produce oil to help keep the skin hydrated, you may notice that an oily substance is expelled from any Montgomery's Tubercules that you develop during your nine months. Montgomery's Tubercules may look weird to you if you get them. It is no surprise that you may worry about them, when you have no idea what they are. Funnily enough, most online resources that talk about these bumps mention not only that they are completely normal which they are but also that Montgomery's Tubercules are not additional nipples.

This comment appears on numerous websites and I had to share it with you because it made me laugh. Of course, one cannot develop additional nipples, and what's more, Montgomery's Tubercules look nothing like nipples! They can rather be compared to zits or pimples, and usually appear when your breasts start growing in preparation for breastfeeding. If you are worried about something connected to your breasts, asking your healthcare provider about the changes you are experiencing is in order. But we do want to stress that breast changes, including Montgomery's Tubercules, are a normal and healthy part of pregnancy.

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