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Marina coil or Marina IUD is a type of contraception. It is a device which is positioned in the uterus by a doctor. The device discharges a low amount of a progesterone hormone.

It is important that the doctor places the Marina coil in order to prevent the risk of infection of the uterus. It is common that a woman who has decided to use the Marina coil receives antibiotics to avoid the possibility of inflammation. Before placing the device the doctor will have to expand the cervix. Sometimes, this can be uncomfortable and some women may feel pain during the procedure, so it is recommended to take painkillers. The Marina coil ca stay inside a woman for 5 years and it is established that only 0.7 percent of women would get pregnant.

The Marina coil discharges 20 micrograms of progestin on a daily bases. It affects the reproductive system and it decreases the occurrences of ovulation. In addition to that, having a foreign body causes the production of prostaglandins and leukocytes which are damaging to eggs and sperm.

The doctor also has to remove the device. Since the Marina coil has a cord, the doctor will use pincers to pull the cord and the device out. The problems may occur when the cord can not be located but an ultrasound check is performed in order to locate the device. A woman can get pregnant after several months after the removal of the Marina coil.

The Marina coil is not recommended for the women who have some kind of infection or certain abnormalities of the uterus. The women who have cancer, pelvic tuberculosis, inflammation of the uterus or sexually transmitted diseases should not use the Marina coil.

In rare cases the Marina coil can fall out through the cervix but this only happens to women who placed the Marina coil shortly after abortion or giving birth, or to younger women. Another extremely uncommon complication is perforation of the uterus caused by the Marina coil. The consequences of the perforation can be severe such as injuries of other organs and infections, and the woman may need a surgery. In some cases, men can feel the cord during sexual intercourse. If this is the case, the doctor can shorten the cord or place it behind the cervix but this can lead to complications when the time comes for the Marina coil to be removed. Regular visits to the doctor are recommended even if there are no complications.

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