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Birth complications

Every woman might face certain problems during pregnancy. We will talk about several which are most widespread problems that occur during delivery. The first we will mention is the umbilical cord prolapse, which occurs when umbilical cord gets into the cervix preceding the baby, so it can also block the flow of blood through the cord or it can even stick out from the vagina. No matter how important the umbilical cord is for the baby, it can cause these very serious problems and they need to be treated immediately. While the help is waited, you need to get on your hands and knees, raise the buttocks and press your chest on the floor. This will help the pressure of the cord to be decreased from the baby's activity.

One of the most common and being problems during labor is the prolonged labor, which usually affects women during their first labor. Infection is one of the possible complications following this problem. Problem can be resolved by taking oxytocin, fluid for the dehydration, or even cesarean section. Other problems connected with umbilical cord, happen because of the baby's activities. If the baby turns too much, the cord can entangle with baby and cause problems. The cord can also get compressed and stretched. In these situations, the fluid from the cord cannot run as quickly as it should, causing a fall in the baby’s heart rate. But this problem isn't very serious since it can be solved very quickly, due to the fact that it can be detected on the monitor that the mother is hooked up to. Treatment includes oxygen or rushed delivery. The last problem we will mention is the abnormal presentation. Baby can be delivered with head down or buttocks down. Perfect delivery includes a baby exiting the vagina head first, and facing the mother's back. The head is the most difficult part because of its delicate nature. Some problems are related to the head, since in some cases  the head can be too big and cause problems. Problem can occur when the baby is facing mother stomach, which can induce back labor pain and possible tearing of the birth canal. There are possibilities of baby coming buttocks, shoulders or feet first through the vagina. Every different part of the delivery from those that we have stated as perfect delivery, can cause injuries to the mother. Doctor will try to detect the position of the baby, but even 6 weeks before the delivery, there are reasonable chances that the baby will move. One kind of the treatment for this kind of problem is the manual rotation of the baby in the uterus. When performing this, muscles are relaxed with a medication and electronic fetal monitor and ultrasound machine are used for safer procedure. The success of this method depends on the size of the baby, and how much the delivery is off. Bigger the baby the success rate is smaller.

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