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Information on Spearmint Leaves

Mint is a vital part of different cultureseverywhere around the world and it has been like that for many centuries. Spearmintleaves efficiently serve various medicinal and culinary purposes and they canalso be used as fresheners and for fragrances. Fresh spearmint leaves areedible and they can be used as a breath freshener as well. Spearmint leaves canalso be considered a delicious treat and they have used ever since the times ofancient Rome. Spearmint leaves can also be coated with sugar and consumed as a deliciouscandy.


Spearmints leaves were used in the medieval times as airsweeteners alongside some other types of aromatic herbs. They were also usedfor warding off of diseases, bad spirits and foul winds by the member of theupper class. Ancient Romans believed that a nymph called Minthe was turned intoa plant by Pluto’s jealous wife after finding out about their affair. TheRomans introduced the spearmint plant to the English and then they made itpopular as a garden plant. They also started using it for the preparation ofsauces and jellies. Spearmint jellies and sauces are an excellent addition toall different sorts of lamb, veal, mutton, chicken, pork and duck dishes. Itcan also be a refreshing addition to various salads, lentils and beans.Spearmint leaves can also be added to juleps and various types of beverages. Spearmintleaves can also blend well with various different types of tea, such as greentea. Spearmint need to be harvested in June and the last days August and it hasno special requirements regarding the climate. Other popular mint varietieswhich can be used alongside spearmint for numerous purposes include peppermint,bergamot mint, pineapple mint, field mint, horse mint, orange mint, apple mintand chocolate mint. Peppermint is usually used with spearmint in the productionof various fine extracts and essential oils. Spearmint leaves are veryefficient in treating insect bites, itching and an upset stomach.

Growing Spearmint in a Home Garden

Growing spearmint in one’s home garden is a fairly easybusiness. But it can sometimes be rather hard to contain it because spearmintis a very prolific plant and it can easily interbreed with other mint plantsand eventually take over the entire garden just for itself. Mints can be veryhandy when it comes to dealing with unpleasant rodents, especially in wintermonths.

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