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Mineral Oil and Constipation

In the following lines, we will focus on the connection between constipation andmineral oil. Cheap mineral oil can be used for treating constipation and thisreally works. It is easy and safe to do because this is a natural laxative, which develops no side effects.The main reason why constipation is developed is the low level of moist, whichcreates some problems for the stool to exit, and mineral oil will help you byeliminating this problem. We will explain in which way the mineral oileliminates constipation. Once it gets into your system, it will remove the wastethat clogs from your body. Also, it will make the waste slide faster with thecoating placed on the intestinal tracts.

There are two ways in which the stool isaffected by the mineral oil. It will retain moisture from the stool and it willmake the stool more slippery and lubricated, and in this way, the stool will beremoved from your body efficiently and fast, not to mention less painfully. Mineral oil should be taken along with water, eight glasses more precisely. Itis advisable to consult a doctor before you start using this remedy. Thislaxative is slow, so you should take it before the bed time and it will start towork after eight hours. The water you will drink after the bowel movement willeliminate the remains of the mineral oil.The problem may be more serious and you may need a medical attention if thebowel hasn't moved for several days. Also, you might not find solution in mineraloil if you have chronic constipation because these problems are not a result ofa dry stool, but are associated with digestive system and intestines.


There are some other lifestyle and diet changes that you will have to make ifconstipation is a problem that keeps coming back. If this is not the case, youcan use mineral oil only and it will give results. But if constipation is somethingthat you experience from time to time, you need to include more vegetables andfruits in your nutrition. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals help our body to function in the way it should. Also, bowel movement largelydepends on the fibers from the food, so try to eat fiber rich foods. Usingmineral oil on regular basis is not recommended. Instead, we recommendprevention of constipation, which you can achieve by exercising regularly andfollowing a healthy diet.

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