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This non-organiccompound is also known as magnesium hydroxide. Another known fact is that themoment it is submerged in water it takes on an appearance that resembles milk, which is why it has also been named the milk of magnesia. In terms of laxativeproperties, it is regarded as one of the best there is today. Once taken in andupon reaching the inside of the person’s body it is known to have the abilityto eliminate stomach acid excesses by way of extracting either salt or salinesolution from the blood and transferring it to the person’s intestines. Directresult of this is the rise in the content of the water that facilitates theflushing process, or laxative action inside the intestines.

The compound inquestion is found in abundance in such sources such as the antacids. Furthermore,once in the laxative mode, it interferes with the absorption of folic acid inthe person’s body, as well as with that of iron.


In antacid-mode, milkof magnesia functions through and by way of neutralization, the process inwhich hydroxide ions originating from magnesium hydroxide unite with acidic H+ions, which are embodied in the form of hydrochloric acid. When performing thefunction of a laxative, this compound operates by way of taking in the Mg2+ improperly from the intestinal tract, and by the process of osmosis it extractsthe water from the surrounding tissues. What this does is bring about the risein the amount of water, which in turn softens the feces, thus embittering theiroverall volume inside the intestine. And this is known to facilitate themobility of the intestine itself.

Aside from the above-mentioned ones, the compound in question offers numerous other benefitssuch as the following:

It is quite easily acquired, and isavailable as chewable tablets, capsules and liquids (available in differentflavors). Besides being employed for the purpose of alleviating constipationand similar gastro-intestinal conditions, it is quite effective in relievingheartburn and indigestion altogether.Quite often it is employed as anon-antiperspirant deodorant.It is effective in battling off cankersores when applied topically.It is efficient in providing a helping handagainst seborrhea and dandruff.It is extremely helpful indealing with acne and oily skin – should be applied topically as well.It aids the treatment of seborrheicdermatitis, dry skin, as well as for flaky skin, especially when this affectsthe person’s face and thus becomes even more unpleasant.It does wonders for constipation.

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