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The middle aged consumers seem to be trapped between acne treatments and anti-age and wrinkle products, while in fact they do not really need any of them. What they need is a product that will take care of their skin right now, when it is no longer young but it is not yet aged. It is strange that there are only a few product lines that cater to what in fact is the largest consumer group when it comes to skin care products.

Skin that is considered middle aged can actually suffer if it is not treated with appropriate products. Anti-age and anti-wrinkle creams can damage the skin with its harsh ingredients, while most acne products are designed for adolescents. Middle aged people seem to be caught in the middle with no real skin care provided just for them.

Basic care

Basic skin care includes cleaning and moisturizing. At this particular point in their lives, middle aged people do not need antiseptic and antibacterial lotions, as their skin is no longer prone to acne. What they need is a gentle and nourishing product, that will provide enough important nutrients to prepare their skin for more mature periods.

Cleaning the skin must be done daily, using mild, soothing cleansers and avoiding harsh soaps that dry up the skin. At this point the skin absolutely needs moisture, because dry skin will be more likely to develop wrinkles later on.

As for the creams, they should be moisturizing enough, and they should contain necessary vitamins, especially vitamins A, E and C. It is highly recommended to have two separate face creams for daytime and night time. The skin goes through different processes during the day and during the night. Nighttime is used for repairing and deep nourishment of the skin, which is why most night creams are somewhat richer that those designed for the day.

Additional products

As the skin ages, it requires more help from the outside so it can be able to repair itself. Luckily, there are products out there that contain collagen, peptides and other ingredients that help the skin stay in shape. Collagen is important for maintaining the firm structure of the skin and to keep it elastic, so it is less likely to become wrinkled. There are also products that aim to solve problems on targeted areas, like eye serums, injection alternatives and lifting serums.

The current fad or revelation in the skin care world are products containing gold particles. It is found that gold is particularly beneficial for the skin in certain age, so there are several product brands containing this precious metal, which is considered to be the most excellent anti-oxidant material.

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