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The following text will discuss about the glycolic acid andat the beginning, let’s see what this acid really is. It comes from the AHA, oralpha-hydroxy acid family and it can befound in skin layers and on top of the skin. Due to its position, companies whichwork in the beauty industry are focused on this acid in the manufacture oftheir products. Dermatologists and spa centers first used the peels based onthe glycolic acid but now you can get kits that you can use at your home.Serums, toners, gels, moisturizers, glycolic cleansers and glycolic lotions aremade with the help of the acid we are talking about.

Skin and Glycolic Acid

Skin will benefits from the glycolic acid in several ways and one of them isskin exfoliation. The dry and dead skin cells located on the skin will beremoved if the fatty molecules on the skin are dissolved and this is whatglycolic acid can do. This will make way for the shiny and new skin, which issmooth and soft, and it will also increase the efficiency of moisturizers andother skin products. Remember that skin care greatly depends on the skinexfoliation and resurfacing. Results will also be developed in the deeper skinarea, but this will take some time. The production of collagen will be aided and thesun damage pigmentation will be reduced by the effects of the glycolic acid.Aging of the skin is the most common cause of the two mentioned problems.Wrinkles will be less noticeable, along with the fine lines, and your skin will besuppler due to the glycolic acid, which will also help with skindiscolorations, such as sun spots, and make the skim look younger andhealthier.Acne can be treated with the glycolic acid, because it can eliminate thepropionibacterium that develops acne, like whiteheads. Products based on theglycolic acid need to be used on semi-regular basis in order to create resultson a mild to moderate acne problem, but skin care professional needs to beconsulted if the problem is more severe.

Use of Glycolic Acid

Products based on glycolic acid contain different percentages of this acid anddifferent formulas. Strength ranging from 7 to 10% should be used at home andit will provide best choice for regular use and with low risks of skinirritation. Always use sunscreen along with the glycolic acid product becauseit will make you prone to the sun damage. We advise you to use peels at night due to the sun exposure duringthe day.

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