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Digestive disorders, gingivitis or inflamed gums, and tooth decay can beresponsible for bad breath, which is officially named halitosis. In the followinglines, this medical problem will be discuss.


The odor can be eliminated with the help of the peppermint tea or chewing of parsley. Nux vomica and other remedies provided by the homeopathicmedicine can reduce the bad breath, especially if the stomach is upset and causesa sour smell coming from the mouth. Furry and yellow tongue can be treated byMercurius, which causes offensive sweat and breath. A problem that can bepresent after eating a fatty meal can be treated with Pulsatilla. Gum infectioncalled gingivitis is developed due to a plaque buildup and the most commonsymptoms of this problem are bleeding and sore gums. It can be treated with useof dental floss and regular dental care, while the causes of this issue areblood disorders, drugs and deficiency of certain vitamins. Bad breath andspongy gums should be treated with Mercurius, while bleeding, swollen, inflamedand red gums should be treated with Kreosotum. If you experience pus taste inthe mouth, mouth ulcers or if the gums are bleeding and swollen, take Natrum mur.

Oral Thrush

Candida fungal infection causes oral thrush, which develops white patches onthe gums, tongue, lips and inside the mouth. Infestation can be aided by long illnessesand oral steroids, while those who suffer from suppressed immune system, both old and young, are particularly prone tothis problem. In order to remove this problem, eat yogurt withacidophilus, olive oil and garlic, while items such as refined carbohydrates andsugars must be eliminated from the duet. You can also use marigold, myrrh andAloe Vera mouthwashes. Remedies, such as Arsenicum (for mouth ulcers), Natrummur. (for cold sores located on the lips), Capsicum (for the sore and hotpatches) can be used at the initial stages of the treatment.


Sinusitis, gingivitis, sensitivity, dental decay and abscess are the mostcommon causes of gum and tooth pain, which can expand to the head as well. Youcan use clove oil if you prefer herbal treatment, or Calcarea, Apis, Bryonia, Belladonna,Staphysagria, Pulsatilla, Mercurius, Chamomilla, Coffee or Plantago, if youprefer homeopathic treatment.Jaw muscles suffer great tension in such cases, and it can be reduced with certain exercises comingfrom the autogenic training. Arsenicum alb., Zinc, Phytolacca, and Santonium are remedies that can also be used for treatment of this problem.

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