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Macular Degeneration

This text will discuss about a condition called macular degeneration which is basically type of blindness. This may be the problem that attacks more people than any other problem related to vision loss. The problem can be avoided with the intake of great amounts of anti-oxidants and vitamins. Since, the treatment options are very frugal and there is no availability of the cure, this is a great problem to have. This condition in the beginning is visible as a single small dot located in the center area of the vision field. The dot starts to grow and expand eventually over the entire central vision. Everyday life and activities will suffer greatly because of this problem. Driving, seeing and reading will be a challenge. Many studies and researches are being done even at this moment and many are giving results. There is possibility, according to a study, that beta-carotene, zinc and vitamins E and C can reduce the chances of muscular degeneration, but they must be taken in big dosages.

There are many studies concerned with the effects of vitamins on the eye health, but now we have scientific data. A study involving more than 3500 patients was conducted and the patients had between 55 and 8- years of age. The results showed that the vision loss can be reduced by 20% and macular degeneration can be reduced by 25% with the use of zinc and vitamin supplements. This condition affects the elderly and causes blindness.

Since more than 6.7 million of people in America have high chances of developing this condition, the new macular degeneration treatment may be an answer. This may be the first treatment considered to be successful. As we have said, the older you are the bigger the chances are to develop macular degeneration. There are two types of macular degeneration, which are named dry and wet. When the macular degeneration occurs, the light sensitive tissue located in the back area of the eye breaks down. The type referred as wet is connected with rupture of the new blood vessels and the leakage of the fluid behind the retina. The most common type is dry form. A laser treatment is possible for the wet type of macular degeneration.


The amounts of supplements used in the study cannot be received by food intake. The numbers include vitamin C in the eight times bigger dosage than daily amount needed by the body. It also included 50 times greater dose of vitamin E, three times of beta-carotene and five times of daily zinc need. Remember to consult your doctor before you use these supplements.

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