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What is lutein and why is lutein supplement used?

Lutein is a carotenoid pigment that exists in the human eye (inretina and macula, to be more precise), and in the bloodstream and fat deposits.However, since it has been proven that it is helpful in prevention andtreatment of various eye disorders, particularly macular degeneration andcataracts; it is highly recommended to use it in the form of a dietary supplementas well. The results of some researches indicate that lutein might bebeneficial in cases of diabetes and breast and cervical cancer, but the fact isthat more studies and research have to be performed on these issues, since sofar, there is no enough information regarding this.

Are there any negative sides of this product?

Even though it is considered to be a safe product in general,there has not been much interest in its use for children, which is why it is importantto consult a physician before deciding whether or not to give it to a child. Thefact is that this substance is found naturally in the breast milk, which is whysome manufacturers add it to baby formulas, but there is no evidence thatconfirms its beneficial effects in this case. Pregnant women may consume it withoutany concern, as long as they stick to the recommended dosage, because there isno evidence of any side effects in cases of pregnant women. As for those womenwho are breastfeeding, according to the experiences so far, there should be noreason why they should not consume it, even though it does pass through thebreast milk. It is only recommended not to exceed the recommended dosage, justto be on the safe side.

As for the side effects, the fact is that there have not beenreported any yet. It does not necessarily mean that it is perfectly safe, butit surely indicates that it is among those that are considered to be safer. Therehave been some clinical trials, although more trials and studies are to bedone, but the fact is that no side effects were reported then either. Regardingits combination with some other medications, it seems that there is no reasonfor concern about it. However, it is important to inform the doctorabout all the medications if any are taken in advance, because it is not excluded that some interactionsare to occur in the future.

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