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Macular deterioration is a condition in which the eyes and eyesight are damaged in a very major way. The macula is an area of the eye that is very sensitive to light and it is located in the center of the retina.

This area of the eye controls the central visual field and is also responsible for seeing color.

When this disorder occurs, the retinal structure breaks down, which results in damaged eyesight and problems with a person’s vision.

When macular deterioration manifests the central field of vision turns blurry and gray, and there could also be large blank spots in the vision.

This can lead to serious visual disabilities which can prevent a person from doing things they need to do every day such as read or drive and they will often not be able to watch television or even recognizes people’s faces when looking directly at them.


The main cause that has been identified for macular deterioration is damage to the tissue of the eye cause by free radicals in the body. Free radicals are molecular species that harm cells and tissues, and they are a problem because they are very normal products of a person’s metabolic process.

The production of free radicals increases in people who maintain poor diets high in saturated fats and people who are exposed regularly to cigarette smoke or are smokers themselves.

The free radicals will limit circulation of blood to the eyes therefore conditions like high blood pressure heart disease and metabolic disorders are believed to contribute greatly to macular deterioration.


There are thankfully supplements and herbs that can be used to fight free radicals in the body and in turn help a person avoid eye problems such as macular deterioration.

Antioxidants that fight free radicals are found in vitamin C and E, and when combined with plant pigments called carotenoids, they will neutralize the free radical damage to the eyes.

Cartonoids called zeaxanthin and lutein are the most important ones for protecting the eye, and it an interesting fact is that the yellow color of the macula is actually caused by the presence of both of them in the eye tissue.

Studies have shown that regular supplements of zinc will help to keep the eyes healthy as well. When a lot of zinc is taken regularly, it leads to copper absorption as well.

Bilberry is a great herb to use as well. The herb will improve blood flow and circulation to the retinal region and it also contains antioxidants that will fight off the free radicals. This herb can be replaced by grape seed extract which works just as well. Ginkgo is also good for people who have impaired vision.

Mineral selenium is another supplement that can increase the overall antioxidant activities in the body as well.

PreventionIn order to prevent such I problems, it is important to protect the eyes from direct sunlight and the UV rays that come from it. Quitting smoking is also important too if a person wants healthy eyes.

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