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The levelof cholesterol

Most typicallywe are talking about two subtypes of cholesterol, and they are popularly calledgood (HDL) and bad (LDL) cholesterol. It is important to try to lower the levelof bad cholesterol, but it is also tremendously beneficial to try to raise thelevel of good cholesterol in your blood.

There is agood reason why these subtypes of cholesterol got their nicknames. The badcholesterol is highly undesirable in human body, since it piles up on the bloodvessels, hardening them in the process and may lead to creation of blood clotsthat lead to stroke and other problems. On the other hand, good cholesterol actsas the cleaner of the blood. Its function is to travel though blood and tocollect bad cholesterol. Now you see why it is so important to work on raising thiskind of cholesterol level.

The concretemeasures one should take

If you seekto increase the level of your good cholesterol, there are some pieces of advicethat one needs to follow. For example, forget smoking. Apart from all thenegative aspects of inhaling cigarette smoke, it also elevates the level of LDLin your bloodstream.

People whoseek to increase their level of HDL and have excessive body weight need to workon reducing their weight. This surplus of body mass is known to induce avariety of medical ailments, and among them are unhealthy levels of both kindsof cholesterol.

When workingon increasing the level of HDL, working out on the regular basis is enormouslybeneficial and desirable. What is very beneficial when exercising is ensuringthat you go through a variety of cardiovascular exercises. For example, it isgreat if you can include running or aerobic exercises in your everyday life. However,it is much better if you can provide yourself with a variety of differentactivities – instead of your preferred activity, you can also go cycling orswimming. These physical exercises elevate your heart rate in a good way, since, they do not affect a person’s joints as much as running does, for example. Overweightpeople will appreciate this fact.

Also, thereare little amendments to one’s nutrition plan that can be very beneficial for increasingthe level of good cholesterol. For instance, olive oil and avocado oil arebeneficial for your health, while you should avoid foods containing trans fatsand hydrogenated fats. Also, include more whole-grain foods in your nutrition –oatmeal and bran will do loads of good for increasing your good cholesterol.

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