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Causes of the pain in the lower leg

There are the many causes and some of them may not be noticeable in the first place. People who caused some kind of a strain to their leg can suffer from the lower leg pain. Many people are not familiar with the fact that the inflammation of the veins in the leg, blood clots or congestive heart failure can also affect the lower leg and cause the pain. The inflammation of the veins of the leg is called phlebitis and you should seek immediate medical help in case you experience this condition. Sometimes, blood clot can appear with the phlebitis and the usual symptoms of this condition are redness, swelling and aching. There is one more condition responsible for the pain in the lower leg and it creates the building up of plaque due to the narrowing of the arteries. After sitting in one position for a long period of time, there is no enough oxygen in the muscles of the lower legs and the blood flow is reduced, which causes the plaque. Smokers and older people are more prone to suffer from this condition and they can experience a severe pain that stops after the oxygen gets to the muscles of the lower leg. So, if your flight lasts for more than couple of hours, it is advisable that you stand up and stroll every now and then to avoid building up of the plaque in your lower legs.

Another cause of the pain in the lower leg is shin splint, which mostly occurs to the people who walk on the hard surfaces all day long. Various injuries cause the shin muscle becomes inflamed, and they can occur if you happen to run on the balls of your feet, or if you don`t have the appropriate shoes when doing jumping exercises. However, if you experience a tight Achilles’ tendon or imbalance of the muscles, you can have the inflammation of the shin muscle as well. You need to be careful not to overuse your legs and try to do the activities slowly and without hurry. If you happen to overuse or overstrain the muscles of your lower leg, you may feel a sharp pain.

Home Remedies

There is variety of home remedies that can help you get rid of the pain in the lower leg. You can use the method called RICE, which stands for rest, ice, compress and elevation. This method is one of the best for curing the lower leg pain. You should rest your leg and try to elevate it as much as you can. Other methods you can use at home are wrapping the affected muscle of the lower leg with bandages, ice massage or wearing comfortable shoes.

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