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Pulsating tenderness in the leg

Soreness in the lower extremities is something that is provoked by many diverse reasons, and often it can result in a lot of inconvenience or pain. This article will try to provide more info on this topic; all in the domain of more basic information which may help you recognize the first symptoms of some more serious condition. Pulsating pain in the leg is something that most frequently people experience somewhere in the area in between the thigh and the foot.

In some cases of the pain in the leg, the pain can be so intensive and excruciating that the patient is no longer able to stand normally or traverse small distances on foot. Sometimes both legs are affected simultaneously, and the sensation of tenderness is not restricted to one part of the day. This tenderness can get in the way of performing our everyday routine, or upset the rhythm of sleep, since, nighttime pain is in some cases more intensive during the night than during the day, due to the fluctuation in the level of hormones.

Reasons for pain in the legs

There is always an underlying reason for the occurrence of pain in the lower extremities. It is sometimes related to the skeletal system, to musculature or to the neural system. For instance, pain in the leg may appear when a person is injured. This will usually happen during a sports activity, or by sustaining a blow. Expect pain in the leg when a muscle is torn or strained, or when you end up with an inflammation of a joint from overuse. Runners are said to often suffer from shin splints as a repercussion of too much running.

You will sometimes heart people who suffer from varicose veins complaining of tenderness in legs. This is only understandable, since varicosity or swelling of the veins appears as the result of seriously hazardous changes to the veins. In normal veins, there are small pockets on the inside of the veins, but in varicose ones the pockets do not function properly and blood keeps going in the wrong direction. This way, the blood is retained in the tissue, resulting in the enlargement of the tissue. This state is fairly frequent during gravidity.

In some cases, damage to the nerve system of the legs is something that will induce pain in the lower extremities. Nerves get damaged in people who suffer from diabetes and to those who constantly lack some vitamins in their nutrition. Also, people who drink and/or smoke are more prone to developing painful nerve damage in the legs.

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