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Most people, especially athletes and those who regularly exercise, at least once in their lifetime experience unbearable pain in their calf during prolonged exercise. This condition, known as cramp, may occur because of cool legs or their uncomfortable position, even walking into unmanageable shoes. With varicose veins, leg, due to damaged venous valves can not properly use the blood that returns from the periphery to the heart which cause deadlock. Muscles do not get enough oxygen and the accumulated waste irritates them and nerve endings in them, causing cramps. Certain diseases also cause the occurrence of leg cramps.

Diseases of the adrenal gland can disrupt the electrolyte values and lower the value of potassium in serum. Also, this is the side effects of using particular group of diuretics. Cramps can occur in patients with diabetes, when the very high values of glucose in the blood during insulin therapy decrease the level of potassium in the blood. Cramps in the legs should not be replaced with the occasional limping due to narrowed arteries. After a walk of about ten meters occurs pain in leg due to lack of oxygen in muscle. If the walk continues, collects lactic acid and pain occurs.

Cramp in calf is caused by excessive muscle fatigue when Golgi tendon function declines and stops protecting the muscle from the excessive and irregular contractions. This process people feel like very strong pain. There are ways to avoid this situation. The most important thing is preservation and maintenance of good health. This is possible if the person enters a lot of fluids and eats foods with a low percentage of fat, which stimulates blood flow in the arteries. It is necessary to eat clean, hydrated and electrolytes enriched foods providing to the body all necessary nutrients. Also, it is necessary to stretch the muscles before exercise and then to relax they well after. If the leg cramps are chronic phenomenon, it is necessary to stretch muscles before going to sleep. In addition, it is not advisable to wear tight clothes, which slows blood circulation.

If all possible measures to prevent the cramps have been taken, but they are still occurring, it is necessary to treat it. As a highly efficient method applies stretching cramped muscle which activates again Golgi tendon and affects muscle spindles to reduce muscle contraction. Stretching should be done so that the distance between two ends of muscle is as large as possible. Also a very efficient method of eliminating spasm is a massage. During massage accelerates blood circulation, increasing the flow of oxygen to the muscles.

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