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Leg pain

The legs are lower extremities that carry the body weight all the time when standing or walking. The pain in the legs can thus be caused simply by prolonged standing or by overuse of the legs. However, there are also several specific conditions that may lead to the incidence of uncomfortable aching in the legs.

Causes of leg pain

The truth is that legs are most frequently hurt in an accident, when either a bone is fractured or the bones are pressed and inflamed. Moreover, the tendons and ligaments in the legs can also be affected by some injury or damage, which induces severe pain in the legs. The children are very often affected by leg traumatic injuries since they are constantly engaged in some kind of sport and since they are using much their legs. The athletes also tend to experience leg pain after strenuous workout regime due to the overuse of their legs. The pain may be felt either immediately or after some time, especially in the evening.Diabetes and insufficiency of the vital nutrients are responsible for the damage of nerves, and when the nerves are impaired, it leads to the leg pain. Herniated disc in the spinal column may cause sciatic nerve pain, which requires constant rehabilitation.The unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and consuming cigarettes have a great negative impact on the whole body, including the lower extremities as well, so these harmful habits may be even responsible for leg pain.Arthritis is a condition that also causes pain in the legs. It occurs when the cartilage between the bones slowly disappears, resulting in the friction in the place when the bones join, and that is in the joints. The elderly people mainly complain of arthritis. Another bone problem that leads to the leg aching are bone spurs.Varicose veins may also lead to the incidence of leg ache. Varicose veins mainly affect women, especially those who are either obese or pregnant. When the blood pressure in veins in legs is extreme, the veins in the body dilate, causing swelling and pain.Leg pain in women may be caused by endometriosis and dysmenorrhea. In endometriosis, the uterine tissues start to grow outside of the womb, causing severe pain in the pelvic region, which spreads to the legs. Similarly, menstrual cramps in women with dysmenorrhea also have the tendency to expand from the pelvis to the back and all the way down to the legs.

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