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Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Related to the Heart Diseases

The following lines will focus on the problem of heartdiseases and if saturated fat and cholesterol can take the blame for thedevelopment of these issues. In the biochemical science and the mind of mostpeople in the world, fat is considered bad for health and it can lead to manyheart related issues. This is the reason why people are trying to eliminate orreduce the intake of saturated fat by following a diet based on foods low in fats. Many problems, such as cancer, stroke, heartdiseases, adult onset diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity, have beenassociated with the nutritional habits.

Many scientists and physicians say that the modernnutritional diseases and heart diseases are not developed due to the saturatedfat and dietary cholesterol intake, and this something that a common American issurely unaware of. A common American will not be able to come across scientificinformation due to the jargons of this literature, time consumption and costsrelated. It is very strange to see that only the media is getting the standagainst the fats and cholesterol, while nobody takes the other side of thestory. America is a land of money and this may destroyed the family farm andmale people eat unhealthy. But many advertisements on the TV have shut thisvoice down, so nobody is making a stronger stand on this issue.

Knowledge from a Prescription

There are three books with an interesting point of view onthis matter. One of these books is written by Sally Fallon and it is called“Nourishing Traditions”. Mey Enig, who has a Ph.D., was a collaborator onthis project and has enriched this book with many nutritional and healthyrecipes. There is a lot of useful information on the traditional andnutritional food. Alice Ottoboni and Drs. Fred have written the second book called “The Modern Nutritional Diseases”, which is some sort of warning forthose not watching over the diet. They are Public Health scientists, who areconcerned with the diseases caused by poor diet. “The Cholesterol MythsExposing The Fallacy That Saturated Fat And Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease” isthe third book and it is written by the Uffe Ravnskov, who has M.D. and Ph.D.This researcher and physician states that heart diseases and saturated fat andcholesterol are not in any type of connection. Now you know that there is adifference between the junk food low in nutrients and the healthy traditionalfood, so try to make an effort and lead a healthy life.

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