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Cold sores are not really a disease; they are more some kind of unsightly nuisance that usually appears when the person’s immune system is weakened due to stress and anxiety, exposure to the sunlight, cold, or due to some other reason. The areas that are usually affected by cold sores are lips and areas near the nose and mouth, which makes them more than visible and thus even more uncomfortable. The fact that in some cases they might need even two whole weeks to disappear only contributes to embarrassment and discomfort that people feel once they begin to emerge.

Suggestions for those who have to deal with several cold sore breakouts a year

First of all, people who have problems with cold sores frequently are well familiar with the initial symptoms, but once they are felt, even though it is the first stage, the fact is that little can be done in order to reduce the time that is needed for the cold sore or cold sores to disappear, regardless of their location. However, some things can be done in order to reduce their frequency and one of them is taking multivitamin supplements on a daily basis. Even though it does not seem to be related with cold sores, the fact is that vitamins improve the immune system, and when it is stronger, stress that is practically present every day cannot have such a negative effect as it can on a weakened immune system.

Besides multivitamins, the use of supplements that contain lysine is also considered helpful if cold sores already appear, because this ingredient affects the process of replication of the virus. Supplements are a much better source than its natural sources such as fish and dairy products, for example. Since frequent cold sore outbreaks are closely related to the calcium deficiency, it is recommended to take in this mineral in a daily dosage of 1000 mg. Calcium affects the levels of oxygen in the body, and oxygen is known for its anti-viral powers.

As for the situation when a cold sore is already present, in order get rid of it as soon as possible, ointments that contain zinc, garlic or olive oil, and warm and damp tea bags might speed up the healing process. It is of crucial importance to keep the area clean, and either alcohol or hydrogen peroxide can be used in order to reduce contamination.

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