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Fever blisters are not something you want to see on your body. Fever blisters are also called cold sores, commonly appearing inside the mouth on the lips or around the nose, being very unattractive. They are caused by Herpes simplex virus. When you develop fever blisters, you have to keep the affected area clean, so that you do not trigger the worsening of the infection, or get others infected. Additionally, you might want to make the fever blister as unnoticeable as possible.

What You Need

In order to treat fever blisters timely and keep them as hidden as possible, you will need several items. Namely, you will need ice, cold sore blister cream, topical emollient lip balm, a lipstick and a lip brush. Once you have obtained all of these things, you can start hiding your fever blisters.

Concealing Fever Blisters

As soon as you notice any traces of a fever blister, you need to react timely in order to prevent it from becoming bigger and more visible. You can apply ice on the affected area, whenever you notice that a tingling pain affects it. Also, you can do this when you realize that a cold sore is starting to appear.

Once you have done this, you should apply the cold sore cream, in order to prevent further development of the cold sore, shortening the time of the appearance and the length of the healing time. If you happen not to have the adequate cold sore cream, you can always use an emollient lip balm in order to moisturize the affected spot and reduce the visibility of the cold sore.

Next, take a fine lip brush and run it along a lipstick before putting the lipstick on with it. Alternatively, you can use your pinkie finger for this purpose. Either way, before you do this, make sure that the area is properly moisturized since applying lipstick on a dry surface will increase irritation and make the cold sore look even worse. As far as men are concerned, they can opt for a facial mask, mixed with a bit of lip balm.

Finally, apply the cold sore cream several times a day, in order to prevent its progression and heal the existing skin eruption timely and effectively.

The items you are using need to be clean and well disinfected, in order to prevent any worsening of cold sores or fever blister. So, make sure you wash and disinfect the lip brush you are using for these purposes regularly.

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