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About Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is the disease characterized by the body’s inability to properly use insulin. The root cause of this problem lies in the lack of insulin, complete absence of the same substance or unresponsiveness of the body to produced insulin. When the body is unable to produce insulin, people are diagnosed with diabetes type 1, usually early in their life. This is rare form of the disease and of all people suffering from diabetes, there are about 8% having diabetes type 1. These patients require the treatment with insulin for the rest of their life, and sometimes you may hear the term insulin-dependent diabetes, referring to this disease.

Another type of diabetes, known as type 2 is much more common, and some 90% of diabetes patients suffer from this type of the disease.

Diabetes, as the disease, is very common among Americans, and estimation says that there are about 18 millions of them suffering from diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

People suffering from diabetes type 2 are usually middle aged, and their pancreas can’t produce enough insulin for the body. Although most of the patients are older people, there is an increasing amount of young people suffering from the same medical problem. Obesity is one of the key factors increasing the risk of diabetes and many other harmful medical conditions in young people.

Blood sugar must be controlled and maintained on the healthy level, because it can significantly affect and compromise a patients’ life. Complications associated with increased level of glucose in the blood include: nerve damage, blindness and other eye problems, heart related problems and kidney failure. The incidence of cardiovascular diseases is found out to be much higher among patients suffering from diabetes and high blood sugar, than among healthy people.

Cure Diabetes

Overweight or history of diabetes in your family may be good starting points to visit your doctor and check the level of your blood sugar. People suffering from chronic fatigue, wounds that don’t heal for a long time or vision blurring may also need to do some blood test and determine the level of glucose in the blood. Excess urination and problems with libido may lead to the same source, so it’s better to consult your doctor and determine the cause of your problem.

Diabetes must be controlled and these patients can live a normal life. Of course, they need to get rid of some unhealthy eating habits and start to exercise regularly, as well as to lose excess or maintain healthy weight. Always consult your doctor and decide about the treatment options for your diabetes with him or her.

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