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Lecithin is named after the Greek word that means the yolk, and it is a fatty substance from the group of phospholipids. It consists of glycerol, phosphoric acid, choline and the two types of fatty acids, linolenic and inositol, and contains iron, iodine, calcium and vitamin B. It is produced by the liver but may be found in certain types of food are yolk and soy.

Why do we need lecithin?

Lecithin is necessary to each cell of the human body, because the cell membranes are mainly composed from lecithin. They allow the passage of nutrients into cells and exhaust of harmful substances out from cells. Without lecithin, the membranes would be hardened, and processes disabled. Lecithin protects cells from oxidation, which also refers to the brain membrane also made of lecithin. It is used by the muscles and nerves.

Usage of lecithin

Lecithin is used for the prevention of atherosclerosis, as it has the ability to turn fat into emulsion, which protects from cardiovascular diseases, improves brain function, increases energy level, repairs damage caused by alcoholism, helps digestion and absorption of vitamins soluble in fat. Lecithin also has anti-aging effect, corrects disorders of the immune system, and relieves symptoms of AIDS, herpes and chronic malnutrition.

This substance is very useful in treating infectious as well as alcoholic hepatitis and the liver cirrhosis. Lecithin is used to reduce triglycerides to prevent narrowing of blood vessels and the development of myocardial infarction and stroke. It is applied as auxiliary remedy for Alzheimer's disease, bipolar uis disorder, dyskinesia (tremors). Lecithin seems to stimulate the memory centers, as one of its component Inositol participates in the brain cells. Lecithin is able to reduce or completely remove the pain in the joints, where it can be used in much higher doses. Lack of lecithin leads to forgetfulness, it can cause digestive problems, intolerance to fats, nausea, elevated blood pressure, problems with joints and muscles.

Since many people do not feed properly, and the body uses a lot of lecithin, it does not hurt to take it as a dietary supplement. Of course it could be in the natural form, such as eating eggs, or by taking capsules of lecithin. It is used for the regulation of fat in the blood in doses of 500-1000mg daily. For neurological disorders uses 5g of lecithin or more per day. Lecithin capsules should take with food.

The most of the lecithin positive effects stem from the fact that it is the main source of choline, which helps digest fat, and it is believed that it helps the body to burn calories so lecithin is a good support to weight loss. It, along with it, lowers blood cholesterol.

Choline is part of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is the reason why lecithin entering improves mental function.

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