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Scleroderma Changes Your Life

Scleroderma is a certain type of medical condition which is often associated with big chances in the lives of those who suffer from it. It is unusually impossible to work or indulge in a number of activities like other people can. Those affected commonly spend much more time thinking about their overall health and they often tend to get less social than they were before being affected by the disease. One needs to take charge of the illness in order to feel much more in control of his or her life. It is of utmost importance to realize that the illness is only one part of the life, and it can be carefully balanced with numerous positive things, pleasant activities and physical exercises. All those things may help a person regain a positive mental outlook and cope with the illness in a much better way. It is very important to remain as physically active as possible. Different types of chronic medical conditions are known for causing a person to gradually become less active due to depression, fatigue, stiffness, painful sensations and other symptoms. Those who suffer from scleroderma may also be affected by painful sensations and stiffness in the joints, sensitive skin, ulcers on the hands and swelling of the hands, which also lead to decreased physical activity.

Increase your Activity Level

The less the patient is active, the body becomes weaker and stiffer and it becomes even harder to get it back to shape. One needs to consult the physician concerning some strengthening and flexibility programs or exercise regimes. Those who claim that they cannot indulge in physical activities are only fatigued because of their lack of activity, so it is all one vicious circle which is very hard to get out of. One can always go outside and take a short walk. This can be one of the most important building blocks in gradually expanding the possibilities. Some stretching exercises may also be of great help for all those who suffer from constant fatigue. An active lifestyle may also include working in the garden or taking a yoga class, because possibilities are virtually infinite. It is important to get out of the house each and every day, at least take a nice little stroll. Physical activity has an excellent influence on those who suffer from scleroderma, physically, mentally and emotionally. One may even go so far to start a personalized exercise program. Such program needs to emphasize the increased flexibility, strength and endurance. It is very important to start slowly and buildup the routine and endurance gradually. One always needs to warm up properly before performing any type of physical exercise.

Scleroderma and Sexuality

Another common issue with chronic medical problems such as scleroderma is that patients often tend to lose interest in sex. This is mainly due to the fact that the illness tends to damage the self esteem and the self image a person has. The actual symptoms, combined with feelings of being unattractive only makes things even worse. Women affected by scleroderma often tend to experience a lot more problems when it comes to sexuality than men do. The biggest problems include fatigue, vaginal dryness and physical discomfort during sex triggered by decreased mobility and painful sensations in the joints. There are a large number of vaginal lubricants which may be of great help. Joint stiffness may be relieved simply by taking a warm bath. Men are commonly faced with much different problems such as erectile dysfunction, which is usually triggered due to the damage to the blood vessels. In some cases, there are medications such as Viagra which can be helpful in maintain proper circulation of blood and an improved functioning of the penis. Some cases may only be relieved by utilizing penile implants.

Living with Uncertainty

It is a big challenge in life to become diagnosed with some rare chronic disease which ends up being incurable. This feeling brings along a sense of lost control and it provides a huge challenge to deal with. It affects the goals and plans in life and also introduces a new, unwanted element in life which is completely unpredictable. There are people who want to get all the information they can concerning their chronic disease while others prefer not to know that much. All extreme changes in life take some time for a person to get used to them, and for some the biggest problem is whether they are going to be able to continue with their work. Some others are simply worried that they are going to die. Each case of scleroderma is completely different than the other. There are numerous adjustments that need to be done so that the person who suffers from scleroderma may continue living his or her life normally. It is of utmost importance to choose not to be a victim of the disease.

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