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For those who do not know, dyslexia is a term used for aspectrum disorder and it is one of the most common types of learningdifficulties which affect the skills required for reading and spelling in aproper manner. Those who suffer from dyslexia are commonly characterized aspeople who have problems with verbal processing speed, verbal memory andphonological awareness. Verbal processing speed is the time required to processand properly recognize all the familiar verbal information such as digits andletters. In case one does not know what verbal memory is, that is actuallydefined as a person’s ability to remember a sequence which contains certainverbal information over a short period of time. Phonological awareness is oneof the main factors when it comes to the development of early spelling andreading skills. Phonological awareness is actually the way of identifying themaking up of words from phonemes.

Contrary to the popular belief, dyslexia is not connected tothe intelligence of a person, so it may affect children with all differentintelligence levels. Not many people know that dyslexia is actually one of themost common learning difficulties as it affects a large number of childreneverywhere around the world. Approximately 6 in one hundred children areaffected by dyslexia, at least to a certain degree. It is a peculiar fact thatdyslexia affects boys much more than it affects girls. In fact, it affects boysup to three times more than it affects girls. Dyslexia may also affect childrenfrom all different types of ethnic backgrounds and it is important to add thatthe native language of a person may also have a significant role. It is a wellknown fact that languages which are characterized by unclear connectionsbetween the sound and the written form are much more challenging for the personwho suffers from dyslexia.


It is largely unknown what exactly causes dyslexia butnumerous scientific studies have shown that it may be associated with certaingenetic factors which may be held responsible for affecting normal developmentof some areas of the brain. It is very likely that a person who suffered fromdyslexia will have kids who will also suffer from this medical condition.

Treatment Options

There is no cure for dyslexia, but there are programs whichcan be helpful in improving the writing and reading skills of children affectedby this medical condition.

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