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There are literally millions of solutions for weight loss that have hit the market at a rapid speed. Unfortunately we as a society are extremely concerned about the way we look and no longer is good and its an old fashioned dieting and exercise the number one option and another unfortunate fact is it is no longer just about our aesthetic look but our health issues that have developed over the years because of obesity. Obesity can be connected to hypertension, high cholesterol, gall bladder disease and diabetes.

Nowadays society looks to the options that surgery can provide.Gastric Bypass and Stomach Stapling are very common weight loss surgical procedures that people will go through and these have been going on since 1954. There are other weight loss options such as stomach wrapping, truncal vagotomy, jejunocolic bypass, and biliopancreatic diversion. All of these procedures work by making a smaller stomach so the individuals will inevitably lose weight due to feeling fuller It also stops the patient from over eating because they will soon feel ill when they eat more then what the smaller stomach can have. Another possible option is called a Lap-Band Adjustable Gastric Banding System, it is the newest weight loss surgery and involves putting a band in the stomach which again has the design to make the patient feel full. The band is placed in the stomach via keyhole surgery which is called a laparoscopic. The band itself can be tightened or loosened dependant on the diet it is far less invasive than other weight loss surgical options and has been said to be much more effective. A study shows that sixty percent of people that used the band lost over quarter of their weight. There are side effects to be wary of such as vomiting, heartburn and abdominal pain.

Many people will debate weight loss surgery and is a sensitive and sometimes taboo subject at the best of times. If you weigh more than one hundred pounds or you weight twice your ideal weight then you are classed as obese. A person who is classed as obese will more than likely suffer with health complications as well as social issues. Nowadays weight loss surgery will improve your health and over the years has been polished to prevent any complications and ease discomfort.There are still risks however to be aware of when thinking about weight loss surgery such as pulmonary embolism, kidney disease, liver disease, stomach cancer, pancreas and bowel and vascular thrombosis.

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