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Obesity and alarming statistics - a reason for concern

Almost one third of the USA population is affected by obesity, at least if judging by statistics that refer to adults. Of all of them, 6 million people have BMI over 40, which makes them morbidly obese, while approximately 10 million have BMI in the range between 35 and 40. As far as children are concerned, the numbers are also discouraging because at least 10 % of children and 15 % of teenagers are at risk of developing some disorder that is usually a result of being overweight. The popularity of bariatric surgery over the past few years only proves that people are either unable or unwilling to cure this problem in a more natural and less invasive way, because the number of those who undergo this type of procedure constantly grows. In theory, a valid and suitable candidate for bariatric surgery is only a person whose BMI is 35 or higher and who either suffers from some health condition which is induced by obesity, or is at a very high risk of developing it. Besides, in cases of these candidates, the attempts to lose weight in some non-surgical way usually fail to give positive results, which means that changes in the diet, exercising and some other methods are no longer considered as options for weight loss.

Is it a good solution for obesity problems?

The truth is that bariatric surgery is definitely a good and long-term solution for weight loss. Numerous researches have been done on the benefits of this method of losing excessive pounds, and they all proved that when compared to other methods, it definitely gives the best results. And here is important to bear in mind that this surgery is considered to be successful only in cases when the patient loses 50% of the weight and when the lost weight does not return in the period of 5 years.

There was a study done at the University of Virginia, which proved that people in their mid 50’s who undergo bariatric surgery manage to lose even 60% of their weight in the next six to ten years. A number of those who regain the lost weight in the period of 2 to 5 years after the surgery is significant only in cases in which patients are not committed and well motivated. This is why it is important to have a proper support after the surgery.

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