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Information on Citric Acid Allergy

Citric acid allergy is a very rare medical condition and its symptoms include a wide array which may vary from minor ones like sneezing to much more severe ones such as an anaphylactic shock. This medical condition often gets confused with another medical condition called citric acid intolerance. Citric acid allergy is among the rarest of all allergic reactions as it usually affects less than one percent of total human population.

Citric acid is commonly found in numerous different types of natural sources and the most common ones are citrus fruits such as lemon, guava and orange and so on.

The allergic reaction may induce anaphylactic reactions and chest discomfort. One must seek immediate medical attention since the allergic reaction may lead to some serious medical condition if left unattended.

Symptoms of Citric Acid Allergy

Symptoms of citric acid allergy usually vary greatly from person to person. The times when the allergic reaction becomes evident can also vary greatly from person to person.

A person may start experiencing the symptoms as soon as the citric acid gets ingested while some other person may start experiencing the unpleasant symptoms of the allergic reactions after a few hours. Severity of the symptoms may also vary greatly from person to person. Symptoms may be of mild nature, but they also can be life threatening in some cases.

Symptoms may include skin rashes, raised skin and redness on certain areas of the skin. These symptoms may also be accompanied by swelling of the limbs, swelling of the eyelids, swelling of the tongue or swelling of the mouth as well. Certain other symptoms of citric acid allergy may include difficulty breathing, teary eyes, runny nose, cough and congestion.

Some cases have also included other symptoms such as ear infections, constipation, bronchitis, diarrhea, stomach distress, vomiting, nausea and abdominal bloating. Neurological symptoms of citric acid allergy may or may not include moodiness, bouts of crying, panic attacks and anxiety.

Citric Acid Allergy Vs Citric Acid Intolerance

Citric acid allergy often gets confused with another medical condition referred to as the citric acid intolerance. Those who suffer from allergies are actually allergic to certain substances which can be found in different types of citrus fruits.

Those who are intolerant to citric acid react to the citric acid itself and that medical condition is not an allergy. The human body is not able to digest the substance but there is not autoimmune response which would qualify it as an allergy.

Food intolerance always depends on the amount of ingested harmful substance and it may damage the lining of the intestines.

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