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This type of allergy is considered to be among those more frequent nowadays. A person who is suffering from a food induced allergy must be prepared to deal with symptoms of varying intensity, starting from those mild ones like a minor skin rash, as well as those more severe ones that can in certain cases even be dangerous and threatening to one’s life. However, a much bigger reason for a concern is when these more serious manifestations of a food allergy, as well as more severe rash, tend to be symptoms of a certain even more severe condition or illness. All in all, in case a person in question exhibits reactions of minor intensity, that person is set to suffer just from a minor unpleasantness as well, or a mild rash that does not bring about any of the more severe reactions or conditions.

Rash tell tale indicators

When it comes to a such skin related reaction as a rash, every person should be aware that, due to its nature, it can occur out of numerous reasons. One extremely important thing is to be on the watch at all times, since, it is vital to spot the rash as soon as it appears for the first time and especially if it occurs after you have consumed a particular type of food. Once this determined, you can be certain that the main cause of this rash was actually caused by that specific variety of food and you can go on from there in determining the most proper treatment methods and techniques. Also, the food related rash often tends to progress and lead to the appearance of eczema and dermatitis. Some of the most indicative signs of the food-induced rash are the following:

Inflammation affecting the skinRedness of the skinItchinessAppearance of red bumps on different body partsOccurrence of dry skinSwelling of hands and feet Swelling of eyelids and area under the eyesSwelling of the tongueHives

Most common causes

Given the fact that determining precisely the cause for a food allergy induced skin rash is pretty difficult due to the fact that the most common culprits are found in the food that we consume on a daily basis, in continuation are those that are considered to be the main guilty parties:

Peanut butterMilkWheatSoyNutsPorkCoconutChocolateShell fishYeastTomatoesPeasCinnamonCitrus fruitBerries

Having small children and babies in mind, the most frequent culprits are as follows:

Dairy productsWheatSoyTree nutsEgg whitesPeanuts


Skin testBlood testFood elimination until the cause is discovered

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