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Cause for concern

People tend to employ the services of a certified psychiatrist quite often, particularly once they come to the point in their lives where little or almost nothing makes sense anymore. This may be induced by quite a number of things that tend to happen in one’s life, each of which tends to leave a mark on the tapestry of existence. One of such, seemingly, insurmountable obstacle to happiness is the act one spouse leaving another due to a certain reason, or quite often due to no apparent reason at all. Of course, many people tend to be fooled by the apparently normal outlook of a relationship they are in. But sometimes even this might be a cause for a valid concern. The fact that gets people down the most is that their spouses change practically overnight and even worse, walk out on them overnight leaving the other spouse wandering what might be the cause. This become even more intensified once a spouse discovers that the person with whom s/he had spent so many “wonderful” years was there by his/her side only due to some greater interest and not out of love, as thought in the beginning.

But as the time goes by, the person in question starts to emerge from the gloom and takes a much firmer control of his/her life. Such things that one can do and keep the crisis at bay is to start, for example, meeting new people and in time even start dating other men or women, for everything is gotten over much easier with a caring person by one’s side.

The big upset

However, all this falls apart if the person who decided to leave all of a sudden makes a decision to reenter the life of a spouse in any form he/she finds suitable. This has the tendency to disrupt the newly established balance and tranquility and push the recent “sufferer” back into the clutches of gloom and doom. The reason people all too often yield to such scenarios is that they have not yet come to terms with that which had happened to them, or simply because they care too much for that other person to let it all go. It is then that the “sufferer” tends to be befallen by anxiety once again, which has the ability to distort one’s image of reality to such an extent that he/she loses ground once more and starts to bring to mind all sorts of impossible scenarios. And, of course, this is the worst case scenario.

Anxiety as such is known to be a direct consequence of the inability of the person in question to come to terms with the current situation s/he is in, as well as a direct consequence of the overt desire to firmly take hold of something that cannot be controlled.

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