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Iron for veggies

Being a vegetarian is basically a healthy habit that can bring many benefits to the one who follows the principles of it. However, it is true only in the case when certain factors are taken into consideration, which means that vegetarians need to be aware of certain things related to their nutrition plan. For example, take iron. It is one of the fundamental nutritious elements that need to be on a person’s menu.

The lack of iron in one’s nutrition can result in anemia. Since vegetarians have special rules and restrictions pertaining to their food intake, they need to be fully aware of what they are depriving themselves of when it comes to essential nutrients. This article addresses the issue of insufficient intake of iron.

The importance of iron

This element is extremely important for normal functioning of the human body. It is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the entire body via the bloodstream. Deficiency if iron is the most frequently encountered deficiency in some countries. Since iron is that crucial, vegetarians need to pay special attention to their food consumption and make sure that they are getting enough of it. Though the statistics indicate that veggies run no greater risk of iron deficiency than non-veggies, vegetarians still need to be cautious. Also, there is the difference when it comes to gender of the veggie – female vegetarians need to pay special attention because women in general need more iron in their nutrition than men. The period can devoid them of substantial supplies of iron in the body.

Veggies can fall into the trap of getting anemia induced by insufficient amounts of iron in the organism. One of the factors, that contribute to the development of this disorder is the obvious one – the amount of iron a person receives from their food and supplements. Apart from that one, there is the question of how much iron is later absorbed from the consumed foodstuffs. For instance, vegetarians with a well balanced dietary plan are more likely to take in more iron than those who, for example, eat mainly unleavened cereals, poorly processed. Also, vegetarians who take in sufficient amounts of vitamin C are in a better position since it promotes absorption of iron.

Foods to be encouraged

There are some foods that are especially suitable for vegetarians who want to avoid getting insufficient iron levels. There we have lettuce, which is rich in iron plus easy for digestion. Spinach is also a good solution. Since it is known for its high iron content, it is encouraged especially during pregnancy and anemia. A vegetarian can also benefit from intake of sesame seeds. They are high in iron, and can be consumed after being left in water for a couple of hours and then ground.

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