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One of 20 men/women is affected with the symptoms of anemia.Possible causes of this illness includes vitamin B12 or folate deficiency, but lack of iron in the body is the most likely cause of anemia.

The body use iron to make hemoglobin, and hemoglobin carriesoxygen in the red blood cells. If thereis not enough iron to produce red blood cells, there’s a lack of hemoglobin andless oxygen is carried from the lungs to the other parts of the body, and as theresult you feel tired and lethargic.

Low levels of iron in the body appear usually at children,pregnant women, and sometimes vegetarians. Iron is found in meat, dried fruitand some vegetables, so when the child or some young women on a special diet arenot eating those iron-foods they might suffer form anemia.

Anemia sometimes appears at the very young age. Whilegrowing up, the need for iron rises significantly. Pregnant women or the breastfeeding moms are using almost three times more iron than adult man. For thatreason it is often recommended that you should take iron supplements or eatmore iron-rich food during pregnancy.

Heavy periods, intestinal bleeding, stomach ulcers, cancer –they all result in a loss of blood, and therefore loss of iron. Blood loss inone of the most common causes of anemia in adults and because there is a possibilityof a severe condition it is really important to diagnose the causes of anemia.

Anemia could pass without showing any symptoms, but mostlikely patient suffering from this condition will be feeling tired, their skinwill be pale, some hair loss is possible, problems with breathing whileexercising and their heartbeat is much faster than usual. Peripheral circulationis weak – their hands and feet are cold, nails fragile, and they mightexperience headache and dizziness, even mental confusion, all because ofanemia.

When suspecting of anemia, consult your doctor. The bloodtest will help to diagnose the condition and some further test might be necessaryto reveal the cause of anemia.

Sometimes, iron deficiency anemia could be prevented, especiallyeating iron-rich foods, such as meat, seafood, dried apricots, prunes andraisins, nuts, beans, green leafy vegetables, blackstrapmolasses and whole grain food. Eating food rich in vitamin C (or vitamin C supplements)with iron-rich foods is proved to increase the amount of iron in your body that could be absorb. If you have anemia, avoid combining iron-food with coffee, tea, eggwhites, milk, fiber and soy, because they block the absorption of the ironfrom the food.

The doctor may recommend the use of iron pills, which mightcause some stomach problems, heartburn or constipation. Try to take the pillswith some food and increase the intake of fibers, it could solve the constipation. With the other side effects starts with the small amount of the iron pills and increase that numberdaily, it could help. If this doesn’t work for you,consult the doctor and try some other iron pills.

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