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The most often anemia islight or mild anemia. There is also anemia caused by chronic diseases. Anemiain general limits transport of oxygen in blood, leveling down physical capacityand physical endurance of the body. Lowered ability to absorb oxygen from thelungs causes reduction in red blood cells, and may strike with severe healthproblem of prolonged anemia. Second step may be heart arrhythmia or heartfailure or secondary dysfunction of organ. Of course, there are severalinherited forms of anemia that may be fatal: sickle-cell anemia, perniciousanemia, thalassemia major.

Anemia occurs ifthere is not enough iron to produce hemoglobin. There are 3 phases caused bylack of iron in body and lead to actual anemia.

1) If there is not enough supply of iron that may lead to exhaustion of iron inbone marrow. The phase has no symptoms.

2) Second phase is if deficiencies ofiron start to have affected on the production of hemoglobin when thehematocrit and hemoglobin are too low.

3) When production of hemoglobinfalls down anemia may develop. Men need 1mg and women during the period 2mg ofiron per day. Diets with not enough iron develop anemia. Also, blood loss maycause deficiency of iron.

And these are conditionsserious or less serious caused by internal blood loss, conditions such as:

Esophageal cancer, colon or stomachHemorrhoids

Surgeriesa) Pica,Like celiac disease or inflammatory boweldisease. Anemia may cause bad pregnancy.Anemia affects badly on elderly people because levels down the strength, even mild anemia may cause cognitive impairment. Anemia may be fatal with cancer patientsSome type of anemia need often blood transfusions that may cause overload of iron.

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