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The post nasal drip is a consequence of the insufficiency of humidity in the upper part of the respiratory system. When a sensitive balance of the produced warmth and liquid in the nose is disrupted, either if there is a case of excessive or insufficient production of mucus, it is likely to cause this condition. That usually happens when the sinuses create a lot of mucus that accumulates in the nasal cavity or in the throat.

It is often much related to chronic rhinitis and it can cause chronic sore throat.

Luckily, most of the circumstances that lead to damaged removal of the excessive nasal mucus and the troubles when swallowing are well known. So, the things that affect the problem are stress, some abnormal function of the nerves or muscles, tumors, and even being a middle-aged person. It is noticeable that people with any of these disorders clear their throat more frequently.

Along with that, it is good to mention the causes of an excessive production of mucus. Beside the orally taken things like foods and spices or the medications which have some irritable effects, the outside factors (such as a lack of humidity, low temperatures, and the pollution of the air), are also likely to cause the increased secretion.

As far as an individual organism is concerned, its problems in structure, hormonal problems, and the disorders such as vasomotor rhinitis, allergies, viruses and infections, can provoke the excessive production of mucus. It is important to emphasize that a lot of these conditions actually tend to cause the secretions to become thickened.

The medications that are usually prescribed or recommended are those which are used for the treatment of rhinitis as well. The nasal steroids (e.g. fluticasone propionate and beclomethasone) are one of the best solutions since they reduce almost all the symptoms, but it is not good to use them for a long period of time.

Antihistamines are usually combined with them during the treatment, because they focus on the allergy symptoms. They can be non-sedating or sedating. There are the oral steroids too, but although very efficient, they can be dangerous if used for a longer period of time. Among the most popular drugs are the sprays that decongest the blockage because they provide the quick relief. The effect is achieved by simply shrinking the blood vessels, therefore causing a better circulation.

Also, mucus thinning agents, allergy shots and oral decongestants are very popular.

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