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Polycystic kidney a disease is a condition which is usually related to kidneys in which clusters of cysts are formed. Even though the cysts are not cancerous, and they consist of fluid, polycystic kidney disorder may cause serious consequences, such as kidney failure even. Also, besides kidneys, this condition may affect some other organs as well, and some of them are liver, pancreas and bladder. When it comes to this disorder, it should be mentioned that its cause is an abnormal gene, which means that it is inherited, and that children whose one parent has this disorder, are very likely to develop it as well. People usually do not even know that they have it until certain complications related to kidneys appear, and some of them are blood in the urine, bleeding in kidneys and pain as a result of it, kidney stones or infection, and others. It is also possible that in some cases no signs will ever appear.


The diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease is usually based on physical exam, urine and blood analysis, and ultrasonography or computed tomography. The results of these tests and analysis along with medical history are usually enough for the proper diagnosis. As for the treatment, for now there is no specific cure for this condition, but there are methods which are available and which are used for the treatment of symptoms that accompany this condition (infections, bleeding, hypertension, stones, etc.), as well as prevention of possible complications or serious consequences. In very serious cases in which the kidney or both kidneys are so damaged, the treatment may even require surgery, transplantation, or dialysis. This is why it is important to visit the doctor regularly, once this disease has been diagnosed. What might be helpful in certain cases is the fact related to the low-protein diets and their positive effect on the progress of polycystic kidney disorder, since it has been confirmed that they slow it down. It means that people should try to change their eating habits, because it may be beneficial regarding this condition, and it may improve other aspects of their health.

If untreated, polycystic kidney disease may cause heart valve abnormalities, aneurysm in the brain, hernias and other problems with colon, the loss of kidney function, and it can be particularly dangerous and even fatal in some cases of pregnant women, especially in those who suffer from the increased blood pressure.

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