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Lupus disease is an inflammation that can affect any part of the body, particularly the skin, kidneys, bones, joints or blood. Lupus is considered to be hereditary, but also environment and hormones can have an influence on lupus. The symptoms vary from one person to another but what is the most common in almost each case are constant tiredness and memory problems. In many cases a team of doctors will determine how to treat this condition after they had performed a number of diagnostic tests because lupus is difficult to identify. Lupus is usually dormant until something else triggers it. Some of the symptoms can be the joint inflammation, the skin rashes or the kidney failure.

If you have lupus which affected your bones, you should take vitamin D and calcium. The patients with lupus have high risk factors for some kind of heart disease. Lupus can also damage the blood cells.

One of the medications that are prescribed is plaque nil. It is a safe medication and it is good for preventing the kidney diseases. It can also be used for a very long time. In some cases a male hormone (DHEA) is prescribed. It is a mild hormone and the patient can have many benefits from it, especially with osteoporosis. An ongoing study may show that a special formula (LJP394), which will help the patient to be cured from anti-DNA antibodies, would be used as treatment for lupus. A medication named CellCept is a new drug which has showed to be extremely helpful in treating lupus. The patients usually tolerate this medication very well, it is good for kidney diseases and it does not have a negative effect on sterility. As far as AntiCD40L is concerned, the studies have showed that there are side effect which can have an outcome such as heart attacks, strokes and blood clots. Anti-TNF Therapy is very helpful when it comes to treating lupus. This therapy is developed for treating rheumatoid arthritis but the studies have shown that lupus patients can have a great benefit from it. Some studies have confirmed that chemotherapy can be applied in treating lupus. One of the treatments for lupus is a transplantation of the stem sells. The patients can benefit from the transplantation but this is not a cure for lupus.

Since lupus can manifest itself in many forms it is difficult to determine a simple treatment. It depends on severity of the condition, the type of lupus and the proper diagnose.

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