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Is there a cure for salmonella?

There are more than 2500 different bacteria in Salmonella genus, and they are all classified in two groups, though this classification is still not accepted completely. These bacteria do not cause problems only in human body, but in animals as well.


Usually, the signs of salmonella presence appear at the same time, and many people are affected. This is because they all consumed the same contaminated food or water. When something like this happens, laboratory should be informed that there is a possibility of salmonella poisoning in order to perform specific tests for salmonella.


There are different opinions regarding the treatment of salmonella infection. One side thinks that the best choice is to use antibiotic drugs, while the other side is against the antibiotics. However, some patients need to be treated particularly with antibiotics, especially those whose immune system is week.

Serious salmonella infections marked by inflammation of the intestines are treated with this kind of medications. It is necessary to examine what antibiotics salmonella is resistant to. If the bacteria have developed resistance to some medicines, then they can’t be used in the treatment, because it can make the treatment more difficult. The drugs most commonly used for this condition are fluoroquinolones and third-generation cephalosporins. If the person doesn't have any symptoms, that doesn’t exclude the possibility that the same person can transfer the bacteria to others.


In order to prevent this infection, it is important to wash your hands on regular basis, particularly after being in touch with the ingredients like eggs or meat. Try to wash hands with antibacterial soap. You should eat food that is clean and well cooked. Do not touch animals which might have this infection. Public-health authorities also contribute in preventing diseases like this by demanding from restaurants to take care about the hygiene and about the hygiene of their employees. These authorities also do not allow products that are contaminated to be distributed, and the fact is that there were lots of product recalls in the past few years, because of the contamination.

There are vaccines for typhoid fever but the Center for Disease Control recommends the vaccine only for those individuals who are traveling to Africa, Asia or Latin America. In these parts of the world, salmonella is very common. Those who want to be vaccinated need to inform their medical advisers two months ahead. There are attempts to create a vaccine that will work for every salmonella infection.

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