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Gastroparesis is a medical term for the condition related tothe improper functioning of the stomach, or, more precisely, the condition whenthe muscles in the wall of the stomach do not work the way they are supposedto. The result of their poor functioning is inappropriate emptying of thestomach that provokes a number of other problems.

Causes and symptomsof gastroparesis

The nerve that controls the muscles in the stomach is calledvagus nerve, and it is believed that this condition is the result of itsdamage. However, in some cases, it is not possible to determine the cause ofgastroenteritis and it is not clear what lead to this condition. Most frequently,the signs that might indicate this condition are bloating in the abdominalarea, heartburn, loss of appetite, loss of weight, and the feeling that the person has eatenenough, even though they have only eaten a few bites. Sometimesgastroparesis may cause nausea and vomiting, or even affect the level of bloodin the sugar. So, in case a person feels one or even more than one of thesymptoms mentioned here, a doctor should be consulted, because none of them, ifthey are really related to gastroenteritis, will disappear on their own. On theother side if ignored, these problems may cause other problems or evencomplications such as the overgrowth of bacteria in the stomach, due to thefact that food remains there longer than it is normal or the formation of bezoar inthe stomach when undigested food turns into hardened solid mass. The reasonwhy bezoar may be a life-threatening complication is the fact that it blocksfood from going to the small intestines and the food has to accumulate.

Treatment and curefor gastroparesis

There certainly are medicines that can help in relievingsome of the symptoms of gastroparesis, but there is no medicine or surgeryprocedure that can cure this condition permanently. The available medicines maycontrol nausea and vomiting, or stimulate the muscles of the stomach but thepatient should bear in mind that some of them might have much moredisadvantages than advantages. Sometimes, a simple change in diet and eatinghabits may prove to be helpful but the cases in which this is enough to make thecondition tolerable are very rare. Severe cases in which medications aren’t ofhelp will probably require a surgery which will help in improving the functioningof the stomach.

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