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Multiple myeloma is the medical term of the cancer of the plasma cells, which come from the B lymphocytes, and they are located in the bone marrow. It is a serious condition because it is actually the attack on the immune system meaning that the organism cannot defend itself after that and thus becomes susceptible to all kinds of illnesses. To be more exact the plasma cells become degenerated and start to multiply from some reason that way developing the cancerous condition.


Unfortunately, it is not curable, but it is the condition that can be treated. That is, the symptoms could be relieved significantly, and living with this kind of disorder could be bearable. The treatment is, besides preventing the spreading and advancing of the cancer, focused on preventing the unwanted consequences of this condition, and, of course, minimizing the pain.

The problem is that the consequences of having this kind of cancer can be various. For example, if there is some infectious process related to myeloma, the doctor will add the antibiotics to the therapy or if the anemia also becomes involved, the injections of erythroproteins will be prescribed additionally.

But, the basis of the treatment is focused on the intake of different medications or on some surgical procedure, depending on whether someone’s organism could or could not bear such an invasive procedure. The most effective procedure is the transplantation of the stem cells and if recommended, it is done after a few months of treating the myeloma with drugs.

However, the most commonly prescribed medications are corticosteroids and lenalidomide. The latter is the better version of the previously used thalidomide, because of less following negative effects. Also, the drug that the doctors used to prescribe is bortezomib which treated multiple myeloma by preventing the functioning of proteasomes (a kind of protein degradative machines).

Besides that, the radiology and chemotherapy are used as the treatments. Chemotherapy annihilates directly the myeloma cells that way maintaining the normal level of them, but there should be a pause after some period of the treatment. That pause is called remission.

Another problem related to this condition is that it is prone to develop again after some time. But, there are a few ways of how to deal with the rather depressing characteristics of multiple myeloma. The changes in the lifestyle should be focused on keeping the bones strong and solid as more as possible.

That is, eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water, and, of course combining that with workouts. Also, the calming down and healing alternative techniques may help, and some of them are aromatherapy, acupuncture, massages and similar.

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