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Michelle and Jim Duggar, the famous parents of 19 (!!!) children, are now expecting their second grandchild a boy. Their eldest son Josh and his wife Anna already have a daughter, Mackynzie, and are excited to be pregnant again! The most exciting thing about this news is that Anna and Josh had the ultrasound tech write down their baby's gender on a bit of paper, and had to wait for a week to find out themselves. Michelle Duggar shared the news with the whole family!

We figured she could handle the secret and then have a surprise sharing of the information with the entire family, including me and Anna, Josh said. If you are still working on a nice way to announce your baby's gender to your family, this sounds like a wonderful thing to do. Although the wait must have made for some nail biting. Anna told People: We thought it was fun to have the whole family hear at the same time and have the excitement together, but it was hard to wait. The new Duggar baby is due on June 19, which is a happy number for this family of 19 siblings.

Michelle and Jim might be trying to conceive again, and go up to 20, though. The mother of a whole bunch told the press: We would love more! I know that my mommy years are probably numbered, and I don't know how many more children God will see fit to give me. That is something that we've prayed about, and we ll just see what the Lord has in store for our family in the future." Amazing. Josh and Anna, meanwhile, are preparing for the arrival of their new baby. Anna explained how: "Our No. 1 tradition is having Josh read the Bible to the baby. And we tell the baby, We love you and we can't wait to meet you. We are explaining to Mackynzie about having a new baby in the house. I don't know if she knows the difference between a belly button and a baby, but she is learning."

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