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Although Candida is almost an epidemic in the society, the large number of people is absolutely unaware and uninformed of it and its negative effect on their psychological and physical health. In the view of this fact, the information about this infection should be widely available. Various microbes live normally in our body and among them is the yeast called Candida. It inhabits mainly the gastrointestinal tract. Various factors trigger the Candida overgrowth causing the yeast infection. Thus, the Candida from the gastrointestinal tract may reach the bloodstream and affect many organs in the body.

Furthermore, the mouth, genitals and feet are the areas where Candida tends to accumulate because these locations are warm and dump. The body’s natural defense system as well as the friendly bacteria keeps the yeast within the normal range. However, when the immunity is compromised or when the good bacteria count is low, it creates a good environment for the yeast to start to multiply resulting in the infection.

Candida’s impact on the health

Once the yeast infection is developed it triggers many health problems like headache, sore throat, indigestion and gas as well as hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue, eczema and rash. Furthermore, the people with Candidiasis may also experience irritable bowel, bloating, decreased sexual drive and dizziness.

Certain cognitive dysfunctions are also possible to occur as the result of the Candida overgrowth. Therefore, depression, anxiety, mood swings, poor concentration, impaired memory and paranoia may also appear in the people who suffer from the yeast infection. Moreover, Candidiasis is a condition which may contribute to the development of fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, prostatitis and autism. It is also considered that almost every system in the human body may be affected and impaired when the Candida overgrows.

Two main causes of Candidiasis

Diet and overuse of antibiotics are considered to be the main causes of this infection. The Candida overgrowth can be promoted by certain foods, especially those kinds of foods which are high in sugar, since sugary foods, refined foods and simple carbohydrates are the foods that the Candida uses for the nourishment and subsequent flourishing. On the other side, overuse of antibiotic also leads to Candidiasis because antibiotics eliminate the bacteria in the body and Candida cannot be controlled by the good bacteria anymore. Apart from the antibiotics, there are also some other types of medicines which foster the Candida overgrowth like contraceptive pills, steroids and estrogen medicines.

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