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Caffeine & Diuretics

Caffeinecan be found in coffee and tea and we all consume it, especially in themorning, since that is something that we think we couldn’t begin our day without. Itgives us strength and clears our minds in the morning. There are someindividuals who only drink coffee in the morning, and they don’t needbreakfast.

There arecertain products that are useful for expelling toxins out of our bodythroughout the urine, and we call them diuretics. They also evacuateexcessive amount of water and release it from our body. A lot of people wonderif coffee is one of the diuretics. Commonopinion among the people is that coffee causes our body to produce more urinethan it should, and that is why they are concerned about drinking coffee. Thisway, our body could be dehydrated and our health endangered. In the text below, we will explain if caffeine is a diuretic and what exactly it does to our body.

Caffeineresearch results

There areindividuals who believe that drinks that contain caffeine can increase the lossof fluid from the body. However, there are those who say that this is not trueand that caffeine has no influence on body fluids. Numerous researches have been done about the changes that caffeine causes in our body. Many factors, such as metabolism, diet,immune system, age are important for balance of water in our organism and certainstudies showed that caffeine can have great impact on the water balance. Studies have also showed that if a person consumes coffee regularly, it will have effect on theamount of expelled urine, but if a person takes caffeine rarely, it will haveno such an effect.

Things that you should know about caffeine

The effectof caffeine and beverages that contain caffeine on water balance in our bodywill depend on different factors. Caffeinecan enhance the urge for urination, but that will depend on how much caffeine a person will take in. Also it will depend on the choice of the product that contains caffeinethat a person will drink. And, at last, it will depend on a person’s tolerance toproducts with caffeine.

You have toknow that every drink that contains caffeine can cause diuresis to some extent.If a person drinks caffeine beverages often, than he or she will develop toleranceto effects of caffeine. As a finalconclusion we can say that diuretic effect of caffeine will depend on a personand on some other factors.

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