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If your period is irregular all the time or just a period of adaptation after stopping birth control you will have more difficulties in trying to conceive. Having irregular period will make things much more complicated in already complicated process of preparing your body for pregnancy. Not knowing when will you have your period, how long it will last, when is your body ovulating, can bring much stress to one that is trying to conceive. There are several things that you can follow in order to make your chances for pregnancy higher with irregular periods. Some of them can include following a period of ovulations, noticing higher amount of your cervical mucus and noticing if fallopian tubes are opened. The best thing for one with irregular periods to do is to visit her gynecologist. Good thing to do this is because doctor can test your blood and check if you are ovulating or not. Some women with irregular period do not ovulate all the time. This of course means that there is no need for you to take fertility pills immediately, but if you are unsuccessful in conceiving more then six months (depending on your age) you might want to consider going on a fertility treatment.

Many doctors will probably prescribe you a drug named Clomid or Serophene to increase a number of your ovulations. One important thing with woman s irregular period while trying to conceive is of course partners sperm quality. The better quality of sperm your partner has the bigger the chances are that you will conceive with irregular period. Many doctors say that here the amount of sperm is not the most important thing but the movement of the sperm. As we know sperm can live up to seven days once it is inside you. But with irregular period these seven days might get very short and this is why it is better if the sperm swims faster up to your egg. There are several things that can cause irregular period.

A visit to gynecologist is a good thing, because he can do tests and see what might be your problem. Once you find out what is causing your irregular period you might be able to eliminate this problem and increase a chance of getting pregnant. Smoking, drinking alcohol, environmental toxins, low weight are just few causes of irregular period. Toxin released from smoking a cigarette can have bad affect on your ovaries and circulatory system. Alcohol is known for ovulation reduction, so it is highly advised to stop drinking alcohol. Environmental toxins have a high impact on your hormones. Also low weight has affect on your hormones, because your body will lose hormones that contribute to regular periods. The important this is to find a good diet were you will consume enough body fats, vitamins and minerals.

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