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Being prepared for something can make things a lot easier in the future. Making a checklist of things that you need to do while trying to get pregnant, being pregnant and also after delivery will help you follow all the process from begging till the end. We will try to cover a few check lists that might be most important for a new mother and a father. It is important that you cover all the fact both from mother's perspective and from fathers' as well, if it means going to doctors for test or having a complete medical history from parents then both of you need to do this.

Medical checklist

This checklist is the first thing that you need to get covered. It is important that this checklist is 100% accurate because the more you know the easier will be to prevent issue if there are any. So try to accomplish the following checklist:

Get medical history from you and your partner (this includes your and your partners family) Do genetic testing to rule out any genetic issues that might affect your baby Find a OB/GYN (if you already don't have one) and show him all the medical history that you have Change your diet to healthier one and control your weight Prepare your body with folic acids and prenatal vitamins Stop smoking and taking recreational drugs because this can affect your child's health during pregnancy Stop drinking alcohol as well

Financial checklist

Financial checklist is also important because by knowing how much money you have it would be much easier to set the priorities on things that you need to buy for your baby. Following checklist is good to have because it can lower the stress about finances.

Find out how big is your baby budget See what things you already have and don't need to buy List all the things that you need to buy and try to put a priority on them (when you need to buy them, are they really necessary or it just makes things easier) If your budget is low consider that your child will receive gifts when it is born so maybe some things you do not need to buy Find out what kind of maternity do you have Review your health insurance and see what it covers regarding pregnancy and delivery

For many trying to conceive checklist might sound a useless thing, but for many it will be very helpful thing to do. At any time you will be able to look at your current status and see if you have made a mistake somewhere or you just found a something new. You have to know that this will take some time to complete but with help of your partner and splitting tasks on both of you will save you a lot in the future.

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