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There are several things that lower sperm count, and you might be doing it all wrong and that may prevent your sperm count from getting higher. In this article I am going to introduce you to how to increase sperm count. This article is especially aimed at men and their partners who are trying to conceive.

Do you wear tight pants? Do you bath in hot water? Do you sit for long hours? In front of your computer for example? Are you overweight?

These are one of the basic things you should consider if your doctor said you have low sperm count. Avoid wearing tights pants, also wear boxers. Avoid hot tubs and better take a shower. If you sit for long hours because this is what your job is like, don t worry. Simply stand up every hour or so for few minutes and stretch your legs. And if you are overweight, I think I don t have to go in details what exactly you should do: eat healthier and move your body, these two little things will definitely make a difference. If you have sex frequently or if you masturbate, this is perhaps also one of the reasons you sperm count is lower.

Some fertility specialists suggest maintaining a gap of 3 days between two consecutive ejaculations keeps a man more fertile. Smoking and alcohol also influence fertility and lower sperm count and make men less fertile. Do you eat enough zinc rich food? Today s nutrition is often very low in zinc and many men and on the edge of zinc deficiency. You can also take zinc supplements and get rid of low sperm count. Generally you should eat diet low in saturated fats and high in proteins. Eat many vegetables and whole grains (they are rich in zinc) and this way you will increase the health of your sperm. Be careful not to eat too spicy, bitter or astringent food. Definitely reduce caffeine intake.

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