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General facts and information

The chemical compound in question is present in such sources as the tissue of the animals, as well as lungs, brain, heart and the liver. When it comes to its categorization, it can be said that the chemical in question belongs to the category of carbohydrates, but despite this, it is not to be viewed as a classical sugar. The form that is most readily available is the myo-inositol, which is also commonly still referred to as the vitamin B8. But when it comes to the general public, it is not regarded as a regular vitamin since, it can be synthesized by our body, and also due to the fact that it contains no nitrogen whatsoever. Other characteristics of this chemical worth mentioning are the following – inositol as such is water soluble fatty lipid, which is needed by our bodies in order for it to be able to build and create cells that are healthy. As far as its benefits are concerned, it has come to attention that this substance can aid to a great extent in treating such conditions as middle depression, anxiety and numerous disorders psychological in nature, which also react well to serotonin based inhibitors. Further benefits include decrease in the need for pain medication in those people who are given inositol, edema reduction during the treatment of scald burns, as well as the alleviation of manifestations occurring due to the presence of diabetic neuropathy. Given its mediating potentials when it comes to the calcium mobilization in the endoplasmic reticulum, it is thought that this chemical can aid in the treatment of conditions and illnesses such as the Alzheimer’s disease, various types of depression, panic disorders, as well as the obsessive compulsive disorder.

Inositol effects

The substance in question is the one responsible for the initiation of the release of calcium into the body cells. Aside from this, it is known to perform the function of a messenger - transmitting important information between the neural cells, and is also considered to be responsible for the transportation of fats inside the cells. But what is considered to be its primary and most significant role is providing help to the processes taking place in the central nervous system, because it aids in message transmission along the neural pathways.

Health related benefits

Given its potential, this chemical has been employed as a significant aider in the treatment of various neurological disorders such as the following:

Depression (mild/moderate)Obsessive-compulsive disorderPanic attacksDiabetesInsomniaAlzheimer’s diseaseBipolar mood disorderRetinopathy of prematurity

Negative effects

So far and according to the results of numerous clinical research studies, no apparent negative consequences of inositol have been discovered, with only one restraint - women who are pregnant should not use it.

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