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Everyone knows that vitamins are essential for good health. they need to be taken in certain amounts in order to stay healthy, and sometimes their intake should be increased in order to overcome diseases and conditions.

One of the most important vitamins are those that belong to the so-called B complex.

B complex vitamins

Vitamin B complex is a group of water-soluble vitamins and initially it was looked upon as a single vitamin, which is why even today most people refer to it simply as vitamin B.

This group includes eight individual vitamins- thiamin is vitamin B1, riboflavin is B2, B3 is niacin, B5 is panthothenic acid, pyridoxine is vitamin B6, biotin is B7, B8 is inositol, B9 is folic acid and B12 is called cobalamins.

All of the supplements of the B complex can be purchased together as a supplement, but if there is a need to increase the intake of one particular vitamin, it can be purchased as an individual supplement. For example, vegetarians often take B12 supplements, because this vitamin is often lacking in their diet.

Health benefits of B complex vitamins

The B complex vitamins are very important for a good and strong immune system. A strong immune system means better ability to ward off all sorts of bacterial and viral infections. These vitamins also increase energy and stamina and they are particularly recommended for athletes.

People who have recently been ill are often advised to take B complex supplements because they speed up the recovery and restore the energy lost during the illness. These vitamins play such an important role in production of energy because they participate in the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose and glucose into energy.

Vitamins of the B complex are very important for proper functioning of the nervous system. B5 is important for the functioning of the adrenal glands, for the production of some hormones and for enzymes that regulate nerves.

Pregnant women are advised to take supplements of B12 because its deficiency can lead to certain defects in newborns, such as neural tube defect.

B vitamin is very important for good digestion too. Sometimes doctors administer B complex injections for people who suffer from severe and chronic constipation.

The vitamins of B complex are important and beneficial for the skin and the hair, and for the eye sight as well. They can be taken to solve the problem with dry, cracked and scaly skin, brittle hair and splitting nails.

They also help with certain psychological states, such as irritability, depression, anxiety and similar.

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