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Ingrown hair on leg is a condition that occurs due to curling back of the hair or in case it grows sideways into the skin. It is a common problem of many women who regularly wax or shave their legs. Ingrown hair can affect other parts of the body as well. For example, in men the condition commonly occurs on the face (the beard). The condition can be additionally accompanied by an infection of the hair follicle. Some people also develop so called razor bumps.

One explanation why ingrown hair occurs is that after hair removal the end of the hair is left with a pointed tip. Once the hair starts growing again it may instead of growing towards the surface of the skin start growing into the surrounding tissues. In majority of cases ingrown hair eventually gets infected. Fortunately, once the hair is released the pain and additional symptoms of infection soon withdraw.Infected Ingrown Hair on Leg - Removal

In order to release ingrown hair on legs one can perform the process of exfoliation. The affected area is scrubbed with an exfoliating glove. The process is repeated twice to three times a day. Gentle scrubbing removes the dead skin cells and allows the captured hair to reach the surface of the skin.

Furthermore, if moist and warm compress is applied directly to the affected area and left for a few minutes this can assist in removal of ingrown hair on leg. The warmth of the compress will make the skin softer and the hair will be brought closer to the surface of the skin. After that the hair can be easily pulled out with tweezers. But prior to using the tweezers they should be properly disinfected and it is also essential not to dig too deep into the skin but to pull out only superficially placed hair. Digging can only cause more serious problems. After pulling out the ingrown hair the skin should be washed and cleaned with an antiseptic. And finally, if the hair is near the surface and cannot be removed with tweezers one may use sterile needle to tug the hair lightly and bring it closer to the surface. After using a needle the treated area also needs to be cleaned with an antiseptic.

Infected Ingrown Hair on Leg - Prevention

People susceptible to ingrown hair should follow certain measures and prevent recurrence of the problem. Namely, the risk of recurrence can be reduced if one applies an antiseptic on treated area after hair removal and prior to hair removal exfoliate the skin. If one shaves legs it is essential not to use old or rusty blades and hygiene of hair removal equipment must be impeccable.

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