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It is estimated that about 5 to10% of women in their twenties and thirties come to suffer from the polycystic ovary syndrome, while about 30% of women may experience the symptoms of PCOS although they are not diagnosed with this condition. Polycystic ovary syndrome is among the most common causes for the incidence of infertility in women, but the truth is that women with this disorder may stay pregnant although they are at high risk to suffer from miscarriage.

PCOS and pregnancy complications

Those women who deal with polycystic ovarian syndrome need a proper treatment in order to improve their chances to conceive pregnancy. Many of them usually come to suffer from gestational diabetes and hypertension once the pregnancy is achieved.

The most serious complication of polycystic ovary syndrome related to pregnancy is miscarriage, which occurs due to hormonal imbalance and placental insufficiency. The women with PCOS have high levels of insulin, which causes the increased blood clotting between the endometrium and placenta and because of that, the placenta is not able to supply the fetus with necessary nutrients and oxygen and to remove the waste products. When this happens, miscarriage is likely to occur.

Elevated levels of insulin and hypertension are two main symptoms of PCOS and pregnancy, and these symptoms should be controlled as early as possible in the women with this condition in order for them to save the pregnancy.Irregular menstrual periods, ovarian cysts, hypertension, high rate of miscarriage and problem with conceiving are the most common symptoms of PCOS. Furthermore, the women diagnosed with this condition may experience chronic pelvic pain, obesity, vaginal spotting and severe acne.

PCOS and pregnancy success

There are several things that women with PCOS have to do in order to enhance their chances to stay pregnant. First of all, it is important to achieve the normal body weight, which means that those women who are obese should lose their body weight since it is estimated that the chances of successful conceiving are much improved when the women only loses 5% of her body weight.

Certain drugs and contraceptive pills should be taken in order to make the hormonal balance in the body. The birth control pills treat many symptoms of PCOS like acne, excessive hair growth and irregular periods. Those women with high insulin levels usually take the drug metformin, which controls the level of insulin and improves the metabolism. 80-90% of the women with PCOS successfully conceives pregnancy and have babies.

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