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The Basics of Photographic Memory

A person with eideticmemory, more popularlycalled photographic memory, have the ability to recall and reconstructa mental image (picture orsound) that consistsof copious amounts of information.

Who'sgot it?

Thereare many claims to this extraordinary ability, after all who wouldn'twant to possess it? However, statistics show that the reality is thatonly a 5% of children possess it, of which a disappointingpercentage loses it with age.


Itis a widely known fact that monks in the middle ages have usedtechniques of memorizing things by use of imagery. There have alsobeen claims that many people that have gone down in history in bold(Mozart and Monet), have had the ability as well – although this hasnever been and is now impossible to verify.

Curiously,there have been people who have been known to have memory problems,in contrast proven to have also possessed this very talent.

Examplesof People With Photographic Memory

KimPeek (born in 1951),has a strange congenitalbrain abnormality and was born with a certain type of brain damage. Thenerve connections of his two hemispheres occur less frequently than theyought to occur. Due to the lack of nerves connecting the twohemispheres, it has been noted that they occasionally createalternative connections which, in his case, grant him enhancedmemory capacity. All thanks to this strange disability, Mr. Peek isnow still able to remember things since he was 16months old.

Anotherinteresting case is that of OrlandoSerrell (born in 1968).Orlando was a regular kid at birth, but an event at the age of 10during which he had suffered a serous left-hemisphere trauma haschanged everything. Orlando then suffered a prolonged headache, butalmost immediately after it had finally ended, the ability to performcaliadrical calculations almost instantly had somehow kicked in aswell. That means that he would be able to tell you which day you wereborn on if you gave him your birth date. Another curious side effectwould be his ability to remember exactly what the weather was like,anysingle moment on any givendateof his life.

NikolaTesla,taking into consideration the nickname "the man who invented the20thcentury", was a genius who needs no introduction. He was born inthe Austrian Empire in 1886. Aside from the most prominentachievements that made his name a historical threshold, Tesla was alsoknown to have the ability to memorizecomplete books, wallto wall. He was also known to have suffered from hallucinations aswell as a case of involuntary photographic memory episodes, duringwhich he recalled memory visuals in great detail.


Therehas also been a great deal of fictional characters who have beenimagined to have had this ability. One amongst them is Data (of 'StarTrek'), Superman, Jason Bourne (of 'The Bourne Identity'), and anumber of others.

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